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Edie R.

Safe at Home Pet Sitters has been visiting my two dogs, Bella and Otis, on a daily throughout the week and more often during vacations for around 3 years now. They are not only reliable, trustworthy and dependable, but, my dogs absolutely LOVE them. I feel comfortable knowing they (Bella and Otis) receive the best care possible while I'm away on a trip or at work. Not only that, when searching for a pet sitter, Safe at Home was the most professional in their approach to obtaining my business and running theirs.

Safe at Home is owned and staffed by true pet lovers. My dogs are always excited to see Melissa when she walks through the door.

I would suggest (and routinely do) Safe at Home to friends, family or anyone else looking for daily walk or vacation pet-sitting services.

Russell & Janet P.

Melissa, Rob and their team are the best! We have been so pleased to have them taking care of our two toy poodles, Katie and Jackie (a/k/a "the Girls"). There is nothing like having a team of professionals that you can trust to be in your home and take care of those special family members just like you would do. The Girls look forward to a visit every day from our friends at Safe at Home Pet Sitters. When we travel, the Girls are in excellent hands - they are visited four times a day and get all the love and attention that we would give to our pets.

We are very fortunate to be working with a caring, trustworthy and professional company that takes care of our Girls!

Tish H.

Safe at Home has been providing care for our cockapoo since we brought him home as an 8-week-old puppy in February 2011. In the first few months, Robert came twice a day to let Aiko out and play with him. We know Aiko loves Robert because we have seen Aiko practically leap into Robert's arms when he comes over. Safe at Home is everything you want in a pet-sitter--reliable, responsive, and kind.

Pamela B.

Safe at Home Pet Sitters is the best thing I've ever done for my "kids". They're seniors, and need extra walks, some medication, and generally a little extra TLC, and I've been able to count on Rob from Safe at Home to give that to them. They LOVE him! Using Safe at Home Pet Sitters give my kids the care they need and give me great peace of mind. Highly recommended!!!

Sheila M.

Safe at Home is very professionally managed and unfailingly reliable. Moreover, Rob and Melissa are people who truly love animals. When I cannot be at home, I know my dog is being well cared for.

Katharine I.

Compassionate, attentive, responsive, and more! Safe At Home Pet Sitters has been caring for my cats for over 5 years. I rest easy knowing that Melissa and Rob are there for my sweeties whenever I can't be home with them. My cats adore them!

Sue H.

I just couldn't miss this opportunity to thank you for, once again, taking such good care of Georgie! As always, Ernie and I were able to go on vacation knowing that Georgie was being taken care of by someone who not only has a vast knowledge of animals but an unparalleled love for them too! Thank you for giving us the peace of mind to enjoy our vacation and for making our lives so much easier!

John N.

There are many different pet services out there. What I think you have to ask yourself is what makes Safe-at-Home Pet Sitters different. For me, quite simply it's the level to which they will go to make sure my animal is safe and well cared for. It's easy to just feed and walk a dog. It's those extra steps that they do that make all the difference in the world. Whether it's a quick note to give me progress of my dog Haley or the surprise biscuit treats left behind, Safe-at-Home Pet Sitters set themselves apart from all the rest of the pack. It is really the best of both worlds when my dog can stay in her own home when I'm away traveling (not to mention the cost savings this service provides over my traditional kennel).

To me, it's obvious that this is not just a job but a passion to what is right for animal. As most pet owners will tell you, next to your human family, there is nothing more paramount to their happiness than the happiness of the their pet. Well... my dog is extremely happy with Safe-at-Home Pet sitters. Who am I to argue her?

Jennifer H.

I just wanted to send you a note to Thank you. You did a great job this weekend. When we came to the door last night, I think Manni was disappointed it was us, and not you! Seriously, he seemed calm and well taken care of, which was such a relief to us. Our neighbor told us that you spent a lot of time with him, which we really appreciate. It's great to know that we now have someone to rely on when we have to travel.